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Motorcycle riders mostly wear leather or thick textile suits, which give them protection in case of an accident. The preferred colour of these suits is black or other dark colours combined with black.

While driving the temperature of the suits will not exceed the surrounding air temperature as it is cooled by the wind. But as soon as the biker stands still the dark suit will absorb a lot of heat from the sun and the biker will be exposed to an enormous heat stress.

Solar reflective clothing     Solar reflective clothing thermal image

The lady on the left of these pictures is wearing a “cool” leather jacket whereas the lady on the right is wearing a standard black leather jacket. Before these pictures were taken both have been exposed to sunlight for the same time period.

BMW has presented „cool“ leather biker suits at the Intermot 2004

BMW cool leather biker suits presentation

For further information have a look at the TFL Leather Technology website:

For information on solar reflective biker seats please contact
and ask for skai® cool colors for this application.

Further information on solar reflective clothing you will find on our literature page
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