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IPS was founded 1980 as a research & development laboratory by Gerd Hugo in Munich / Germany. For over 25 years IPS has been working in the field of spectrally selective surfaces with which it is possible to save energy and to increase the thermal comfort but still with the customary optical appearance.

The results of these developments have been patented on an international basis. In 2007 these patents have been taken over by BASF AG. Except for only a few cases where exclusive licenses had been guaranteed already the results of the IPS developments are now free to use for interested companies.

25 years ago the climatic changes due to the increasing air pollution was not in the awareness of all people. Today the climatic changes due to air pollution and decreasing fossil energy resources are in the head lines almost every day. Energy saving is not just a “green” issue anymore it is commonly accepted the most effective way to decrease the use of fossil energy resources and to adapt to future regenerative energy sources.

The technologies of spectrally selective surfaces developed by IPS provide the opportunity that with only a minimum of changes to common formulations of plastics, paints and coatings it is possible to achieve dramatic advancements concerning energy balance, thermal comfort and material life time.

Innovations is the key to success

On a no cost base IPS provides the support for the modification of your products in view of the above mentioned new properties. The IPS laboratory is specifically equipped for the measurement of spectral surface properties.

In case the information given on this website and in the literature is not sufficient for your specific product please contact us via e-mail. We are sure that we can adapt your specific product to the new standards.

Contact IPS (Mr. Gerd Hugo) directly under:

e-mail: info [at] ips-innovations.com


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